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Get to know Greenville County's #1 birding Hotspot
and an Important Bird Area of Global Significance

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Birds of Conestee

Birds of a feather flock…to Conestee! More bird species are spotted here than any other place in Greenville County, 226 and counting!


Why so many bird species? Diversity of habitats, Conestee’s location along the Atlantic flyway (a migration route some birds take in spring and fall), and even the fact that this “world apart” is surrounded by development play a role.


Ever been on a road trip along a desolate highway, and there's one great town between home and your destination? Anticipation of that stop gets you through the first half of the trip. There's a restaurant you can’t wait to try, and a quiet hotel with comfortable beds. That’s Conestee for some migratory birds.


Species Highlight

Here are a few of the bird species featured on our Wildlife and Habitat page. Visit there to learn more about where you might see these and other animals!

Rusty Blackbird
Great Blue Herons
Prothonotary Warblers

Partners, Tools
and Resources

Greenville County Bird Club

Conestee Nature Preserve is home base for the Greenville County Bird Club. For just $15, your household can join for life and get great information, join monthly walks at Conestee and elsewhere, and so much more!

Be a Community Scientist

Want to study data about birds in a particular area, or even report what you see and contribute to science?

eBird is a great way to plug in to a rich data source.

Migration Info

Want to educate yourself on threats to migratory species, and become an advocate for birds?

Bird ID Resource

Want help identifying birds through step by step observations, sound, or photographs?

Try this great app from Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bird Cast

Want to know when migration is peaking in your area so you can go bird watching? 

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Species Spotlight


We instill our visitors with an admiration and awe for the natural world that creates positive change beyond the boundaries of the Preserve.

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