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Trail Guide

Unsure of where to start for your visit?

Staff Favorites

Staff Favorites
Dark Blue Trail - Tree Frog BW.jpg

Dark Blue Route

- Ben -

Past, present, and future come together on this outlying path that winds along the Reedy River. The grassy trail is bordered by some of the Preserve’s oldest and most magnificent trees, including dying and dead ash trees; victims of the Emerald Ash Borer. There are also several bottomland restoration projects, where gawky young trees are growing in to fill the expansive open gaps in the canopy.

Josh Zalabak.jpg

Henderson Meadow

- Josh -

There's no better place in the Preserve to close your eyes, hear the wind rustling through the trees, take a deep breath and find a sense of peace, than Henderson Meadow. Plus, there's pretty flowers and often deer!

Seeps 1.jpg
Sarah Whitmire.jpg

Marrow Bone Overlook

- Sarah -

I love it because of the rock outcropping that you can sit on and the plethora of wildlife I have viewed from that location. It is also a great place to get away from the crowds of people and have a moment of peace and quiet.


Pink Route

- Jim -

The pink trail is a hidden gem in the preserve. From Conestee Dam it winds past lakes, forests and sloughs. It is one of the few spots that river otters have been seen, along with white tailed deer and turtles basking in the sun. This trail is great because it’s quiet but mostly because it always leads me back home.

Jim Groener.jpg
Samantha Hart.jpg

Froggy Bottom (on Green Route)

- Samantha -

Feel like you’re at the beach without having to drive for three hours! Much of this trail is full of sand that you can enjoy walking through as you wind your way around the Reedy River. Look around at the river and the gorgeous trees, but don’t forget to look down! You can often see tracks in the sand. I’ve also heard many species of bird calls here from birds that like the forest, forest edge, and those that love our West Bay habitat!

Reagan Walker.jpg

Light Blue Route

- Reagan -

Take a stroll alongside the Reedy River through the thick brush and tree cover. On this trail, you can find an assortment of tree species such as beautiful mountain laurel, tasty sourwood, and all the pines of the Southeast. As you progress down the trail, there’s a change in elevation as you walk through late successional mixed hardwood forest to an early successional pine stand in an area once disturbed by landfill excavation.

Erin Knight.jpg

East Bay Observation Deck

- Erin -

East Bay is an overlooked wildlife destination away from the crowds. There are PVC pipes around the edges of the deck that we call “frog poles”. You’ll find green tree frogs inside, as well as on the plants. Red shouldered hawks nest nearby in spring, and you regularly see deer drinking at the bank across the lake. There are often too many turtles to count, and many types of birds. Plus, it’s a soothing, beautiful landscape!


Red Route

- Klyn -

Located in the center of the preserve, this route offers a surprisingly secluded stretch of the riverbank along the Reedy. Although not native to the area, the bamboo cluster along the trail is beautiful and provides tranquility from the afternoon heat. The loop at the end of the trail brings you past several beautiful magnolias, one with a bench beneath overlooking the water. Watch waterfowl and enjoy the sounds of the river from this hidden gem.

Klyn Carr.jpg
Orange Trail - MTB Trail.jpg
Amanda Foster.jpg

Orange Route

- Amanda -

The Orange Route is like a secluded treasure, distinct as the place where mountain biking is welcomed. Nestled in the serene North corner of the preserve, this trail weaves through lush forests, crossing creeks, and offering glimpses of expansive wetlands. It's a peaceful journey with a hint of untapped potential.


West Bay Observation Deck

- Visitor Favorite -

From this wetland Observation Deck there is so much to enjoy! From January - June, observe nesting great blue herons. Come early morning or at sunset, and possibly spot one of the beavers who created this wetland area. Their lodge is off the front/right side of the deck as you face the wetland, and dams are all around. This is a favorite spot for bird watchers, with opportunities to see different migratory species as the seasons change, as well as some year-round residents!


Mountain Biking at CNP

Take a ride on the wild side with this 3+ mile trail network sponsored by REI. These are on our lesser known Brushy Creek lands to the north of the Preserve, with parking at 415 Churchill Circle. 


Pedestrians and bikes share these trails and rotate directions. Bikes should go right on trails on even days, and left on odd. Pedestrians should go left on even days, and right on odd.

Copy of IMG_7341.JPG

Coming Soon: Trail Quiz


We know deciding which route to take when planning your visit can be overwhelming, so we came up with the best way to help! Our staff at Conestee Nature Preserve are hard at work putting together a trail quiz to help find the best route for you, minimal brain power needed.


Check back in soon to stay updated on our progress!

Coming soon: Trail Quiz
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