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Wildlife & Habitat


The varied habitats within the Preserve shelter an astonishing range of wildlife species. No place in the Upstate provides better opportunities for observing wildlife than Conestee Nature Preserve.

Water is the defining feature of CNP, and the fast floodplains and wetlands created by that water support a dense and diverse collection of species. Of note, we have 226 identified species of birds, more than any other location in Greenville County, as well as beaver, river otter, deer, raccoon, fox, salamanders, frogs, snakes, and many other species of wildlife.


What you can see

While there is no predicting where wildlife will be, here is a guide to where you’re likely to encounter a few of the animals commonly seen at Conestee Nature Preserve.

Please never feed the wildlife. It causes them harm and they

get plenty of healthy food from their environment.

Rusty Blackbird
Great Blue Herons
Aquatic Turtles
White Tailed Deer
Prothonotary Warblers
Green Tree Frogs
River Otters

Learn More

 These are just a few of the many species you can find here. Want to know more? See the current list of bird species on eBird or join Conestee’s project on iNaturalist, “Biodiversity of Conestee Nature Preserve”. These community science programs will not only let you explore what others have seen and identified here, they allow you to contribute your sightings as well!

Get immersed around Conestee with our Mobile Guide. Our mobile guide has fun interactive activities like scavenger hunts and more! For best formatting please only use the mobile guide on your phone.

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