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Flat Tail Fund

Ever consider the origin of the expression “busy as a beaver”? Well, as we regularly observe here at the Preserve, the beaver’s industrious reputation is well-earned. Beavers are expert builders and are absolutely relentless in maintaining what they build. When the dam breaks, the problem is usually resolved by the very next morning!


Just like Conestee’s beavers, CNP staff is relentless in maintaining the things we’ve constructed within the Preserve. When a problem arises on our trails, we seek to act as quickly as our furry, flat-tailed friends in making the necessary repairs, with minimal disruption to our patrons. Unlike the beavers, though, our repairs are often quite expensive.  

Did you Know?

To be sure our team is ready “when the dam breaks,” we’ve created our Flat Tail Fund! When you contribute to this Fund, you ensure that we are prepared to respond to damage caused by things like floods, falling trees, human misbehavior, shifting landscapes, invasive species, erosion and rot. In short, giving monthly to the Flat Tail Fund allows us to keep the Preserve safe and open for you!  And, in honor of the quirky, yet charming beaver, we have some quirky, yet charming perks for you!

What You'll Receive

IMG_1089sm (1).jpg

Campfire Coffee Mug

This 13oz ceramic mug will let everyone know you help preserve the Preserve!

IMG_1221sm (1).jpg

Preserve Map

You help us keep the trails in good condition. This map will help you explore them to the fullest!



Let everyone know you "give a dam"!


What our Visitors are Saying


This is my happy place. I see owls, fawns, beaver, otters, muskrats and many variety of birds and frogs! Much more!

Kim Eriksen
When unexpected damage gets in the way, our Flat Tail funders save the day!
Flat Tail Fund
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