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Conestee Nature Preserve Celebrates Support from Greenville Women Giving for Nature Playscape

Greenville, SC – July 2, 2024 – In Summer of 2022, Conestee Nature Preserve (CNP) was

awarded a generous multi-year grant from Greenville Women Giving for a total of $100,000, in support of its innovative Nature Playscape.

The foundational gift has paved the way for an impending project groundbreaking, kicking off construction of a progressive outdoor space that promises to connect the Upstate community with nature while providing a unique educational environment for children and families.

"Without GWG's foundational support, we would not be breaking ground on this innovative

play space,” says CNP Interim Executive Director, Erin Knight. “They were among the

early visionaries that saw the potential and need for places just like this, where play is not

predetermined, and children can experience wonder and discovery in nature."

Located within the uniquely accessible Conestee Nature Preserve, the Nature Playscape aims to inspire curiosity and stewardship of the natural world through interactive and self-

guided play opportunities. This project is truly made possible by the generous support of Greenville Women Giving, a philanthropic organization renowned for its dedication to

enhancing the quality of life in Greenville County through impactful grants.

“Greenville Women Giving is pleased to participate in this unique interactive outdoor

playscape for children to explore and enjoy,” GWG Co-Chair Jane Pannier said. "The idea

of ‘streaming' in nature vs. ‘streaming' at home was a strong concept in member support of

this grant. Providing exposure to the environment right here in Greenville County

is important and we are excited to provide opportunities for children and families to enjoy

the out-of-doors."

The Nature Playscape at Conestee Nature Preserve will feature elements built into the

natural landscape and designed to foster creativity, physical activity, and responsible

exploration in nature. From natural climbing structures and trails that allow discovery, to

features inspired by the wildlife that call the Preserve home, every aspect of the Playscape is intended to encourage children to engage with nature creatively, and safely.

The Playscape's design integrates sustainable building practices and utilizes natural

materials to provide a safe and environmentally conscious play environment. Not only that, it

will also serve as a vital educational resource for local schools, families, and nature

enthusiasts, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Upstate’s natural and wild spaces.

"Children have never needed a Nature Playscape more,” declares Erin Knight. “According to

Children and Nature Network, kids spend an average of 40+ hours a week on a screen, and

less than 10 minutes a day playing outside. Yet, the benefits to mental, physical, emotional,

and social health gained from time outdoors are indisputable. At CNP, we protect a

powerful and incredible natural resource, and we are compelled to share it in the most

engaging ways we can, with as many people as we can!”

Scheduled to open in Fall 2024, the Nature Playscape at Conestee Nature Preserve will

quickly become a cherished community asset, offering a haven where children can connect

with nature in meaningful ways.

For more information about the Nature Playscape project, visit

About Greenville Women Giving

Greenville Women Giving is a 500+ member philanthropic women's collective giving organization created as a special initiative of the Community Foundation of Greenville in 2006. Since then, GWG has awarded 152 grants to 92 organizations totaling over $8.5 million.

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