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Sponsor a month of field trips


In 2023, we decided to offer our field trip programs to all public school students in the Upstate for FREE.

Doing so eliminated a meaningful, predictable revenue stream that was used to sustain our education program. However, we believe that eliminating all financial barriers to access is critical to expanding our community impact. Since eliminating all field trip fees, the results have exceeded our expectations!

We've seen real change!

Field trip sponsorship package (1).png
Sponsorship Details

Details of Sponsorship

  • A donation of $10,000 represents sponsoring field trips for 1 month.

  • Your sponsorship will fund field trips for nearly 1,000 students from across the Upstate.

  • Conestee Nature Preserve will recognize your sponsorship through all marketing channels possible (social media - 15,000+ followers, e-newsletter, and local media).​

    • This recognition will be enhanced by testimonials from the teachers and students that have been sponsored.

    • Ex: This month, field trips to the Preserve are sponsored by {Your company}. Their generosity has allowed (x) students to visit the Preserve for immersive, place-based nature programming that furthers the lessons they’re learning in the classroom.

Interested in sponsoring? Contact Josh Zalabak at

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